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Hebrew Language Classes

I Love To Learn HebrewWhether to enrich yourself, or be a role model to your kids--come study Hebrew with us! Our Israeli teachers will teach you in an engaging and joyful manner with good results. We offer five different levels: Each level of instructions is characterized by different learning approaches so that students get the most out of their time and learning.

New for Spring 2015: Adult Hebrew Classes, All Levels!Ahava

Don't let the snow and cold weather prevent you from fulfilling your goals! Don’t say “I always wanted to learn עִבְרִית (Hebrew) but never had the time.” This coming year, invest in yourself, you deserve it! The AJL is offering adult conversational Hebrew classes at levels from beginner to advanced. Small classes with experienced faculty and impressive results. View the flier

  • Absolute Beginner, for those who have had no prior learning experience with Hebrew:
    • Will open on demand.
  • Beginners Hebrew for conversation, Level 1:
    • Tuesdays, 5:30p - 7:00p. Begins February 3rd.
  • Beginners Hebrew for conversation, Level 2:
    • Mondays, 5:00p - 6:30p. Begins February 2nd.
  • Intermediate Hebrew I and II, for intermediate speakers:
    • Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm. Begins February 3.
  • Classes will end the week of May 4
  • Advanced, for fluent speakers:

For questions about class level contact Nira Lion at (412)-521-5135.

Each class runs for 12 sessions. Cost is $180. Financial assistance is available; click here to download and complete the confidential application.

New for Spring 2015: Adult Hebrew Classes, All Levels!

There are so many reasons to learn or to keep up your Hebrew studies! You started studying Hebrew--keep up the good work! Would you like to be able to follow and understand the Siddur? Are you going on a Mission to Israel? Would you like to be able to speak with Israelis in Hebrew? Stimulate your brain, learn a new language! The language of our people.

For more information on upcoming classes and scheduling, please contact Ms. Tal Perel, Director of Hebrew Studies, (412) 521-1101 x3202 ()