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Hebrew Language Classes

I Love To Learn HebrewWhether to enrich yourself, or be a role model to your kids--come study Hebrew with us! Our Israeli teachers will teach you in an engaging and joyful manner with good results. We offer five different levels: Each level of instructions is characterized by different learning approaches so that students get the most out of their time and learning.

  • Absolute Beginner is for those who have had no prior learning experience with Hebrew;
  • Beginners Hebrew for conversation levels 1, 2, or 3;
  • Intermediate Hebrew I and Intermediate Hebrew II, for intermediate speakers, and finally,
  • Advanced, for fluent speakers.

AhavaThere are so many reasons to learn or to keep up your Hebrew studies! You started studying Hebrew--keep up the good work! Would you like to be able to follow and understand the Siddur? Are you going on a Mission to Israel? Would you like to be able to speak with Israelis in Hebrew? Stimulate your brain, learn a new language! The language of our people.

For more information on upcoming classes and scheduling, please contact Ms. Tal Perel, Director of Hebrew Studies, (412) 521-1101 x3202 ()