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Online Resources

There are many resources for Jewish education and Jewish content on the web. While AJL does not provide a comprehensive listing of websites, the following are some websites that we have found useful both for Jewish educators and for those who may just be starting on their journey.

Disclaimer: We provide these site listings as a community service. The text descriptions are from the organizations themselves.

Table of Contents:


  • Akhlah: The Jewish Children's Learning Network | http://www.akhlah.com/

    Akhlah, the Jewish children's learning network, is an important resource created to provide Jewish children and their families access to the prayers, stories and rituals that have bound Jews together around the world and through the ages. Akhlah is specifically designed for the youngest and least knowledgeable among us, while maintaining scrupulous attention to the details of the subject matter.

Day Schools

  • Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Day Schools | http://www.peje.org/

    The Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE) believes that day schools are essential for fostering an engaged Jewish people for an enduring future. PEJE connects Jewish day schools and the Jewish community across the denominational and geographic spectrum and offers knowledge and resources to foster financial sustainability and affordability. PEJE aims to advance the field through strong advocacy, strategic convenings, coalition building, and thought leadership.
  • RAVSAK | http://www.ravsak.org/

    RAVSAK, transliterated from the Hebrew as Reshet Batei Sefer K'hilati'im (Network of Jewish Community Day Schools), promotes pluralistic non-denominational Jewish education, working with schools across the U.S. from elementary to high school level day school education.
  • PARDeS, Progressive Association of Reform Day Schools | http://www.pardesdayschools.org/

    PARDeS is the international day school affiliate of the Union for Reform Judaism that fosters Jewish identity, literacy, and the commitment to a life-long covenant with the heritage of Judaism through the advancement of excellent Jewish and secular education in Reform Day Schools.
  • Schechter Day School Network | http://schechternetwork.org/

    The Schechter Day School Network is a voluntary association of Jewish day schools in the U.S. Canada, operating under the umbrella of The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Schechter provides services, resources, professional development, leadership training and support to its affiliated schools and their professional and lay leaders throughout North America. The member schools are independent and each has its own board of directors or board of trustees.
  • Torah Umesorah | http://www.torah-umesorah.com/

    Torah Umesorah, the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, is an Orthodox Jewish organization that fosters and promotes Torah-based Jewish religious education in North America. It supports and develops a loosely affiliated network of over 750 independent private Jewish day schools.

Early Childhood

  • Alliance for Jewish Early Education | http://allianceforjewishearlyeducation.org/

    The Alliance for Jewish Early Education is a network of state and national organizations, institutions and philanthropies that work with and advocate Jewish education of young children and their families. They offer research and other materials to encourage Jewish parents to choose Jewish early childhood programs for their children and to guide parents in recognizing excellence in their community’s schools.
  • Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative | http://www.jecei.org/

    JECEI: the Jewish Early Childhood Education Initiative's goal is to increase the number of families sending their children to high quality Jewish early childhood schools and inspire them to become involved in Jewish life both during and long after the early childhood education experience ends. It offers research, curricula, tools and materials to schools, synagogues and other host institutions, educators and parents who are interested in strengthening the quality of both the Jewish and secular education offered to young Jewish children.


  • Interfaith Family.com | http://www.interfaithfamily.com/

    InterfaithFamily.com offers resources & services for interfaith couples and families exploring Jewish life. We encourage Jewish choices and a welcoming Jewish community.
  • Jewish Outreach Institute (JOI) | http://www.joi.org/

    JOI is an independent, trans-denominational organization reaches out to unaffiliated and intermarried families, including resources for parents raising Jewish children and for grandparents in interfaith families to nurture (or establish) grandchildren's Jewish identity.
  • Mishpacha | http://www.mishpacha.org/

    Mishpacha is for parents who find that what they learned as Jewish children isn't enough to build their own Jewish families. A starting point for a spiritual journey, Mishpacha is an online community that provides opportunities for groups of parents to come together; it provides guideposts to Jewish belief, practice and community, as well as a group of fellow travelers to join you on your journey.


  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum | http://www.ushmm.org/

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is the United States' official memorial to the Holocaust. Adjacent to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., the USHMM provides for the documentation, study, and interpretation of Holocaust history. It is dedicated to helping leaders and citizens of the world confront hatred, prevent genocide, promote human dignity, and strengthen democracy. It has welcomed more than 30 million visitors, including more than 9 million school children and 91 heads of state. In addition to its leadership training programs, the Museum sponsors on-site and traveling exhibitions, educational outreach, Web site, campus outreach and Holocaust commemorations.
  • Yad Vashem - World Center for Holocaust Research, Education, Documentation and Commemoration | http://www.yadvashem.org/

    As the Jewish people's living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its meaning for future generations. Established in 1953, as the world center for documentation, research, education and commemoration of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is today a dynamic and vital place of intergenerational and international encounter. It is located in Jerusalem.


  • Jewish Agency for Israel | http://www.jewishagency.org/

    The Jewish Agency aims to putting Israel into the lives of the Jewish world's young people and to bring Israel into worldwide Jewish communities, by working closely with global partners to increase the quality and the quantity of Israel-centered education. Cultivating dynamic leadership. Promoting innovative training and identity programs. Tailoring educational needs to individual communities.
  • Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs | http://www.mfa.gov.il/

    The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs' (Hebrew: משרד החוץ‎, Misrad HaHutz‎) role is to implement Israel's foreign policy, and promote economic, cultural, and scientific relations with other countries. Their offices are located in Jerusalem but their website includes a number of resources including Facts about Israel, the Israel Experience, publications, a video library, and more.
  • Israel for Kids, Embassy of Israel | http://www.israelemb.org/kids/

    Especially for children, this site offers a virtual tour of Israel including information about Israel's national languages, currency, geography, and food.
  • Jewish National Fund: Education | http://www.jnf.org/work-we-do/our-projects/education/

    The Jewish National Fund (JNF) is a United Nations NGO (non-governmental organization). Its Israel Advocacy and Education Department engages, educates and energizes the Jewish community of the United States to form a deeper commitment to both the land and people of Israel.

Jewish Education

  • JESNA, Jewish Education Service of North America | http://www.jesna.org/

    Click this link to visit JESNA’s InnovationXchange, a program bank & resource center for innovative complementary education.JESNA works to strengthen Jewish education in North America across all denominations and venues. It is dedicated to building a strong Jewish future where learners of all ages lead Jewish lives infused with purpose and meaning. Visit JESNA’s InnovationXchange, a program bank and resource center for innovative complementary education.
  • The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education | http://www.lookstein.org/

    The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of the School of Education at Bar-Ilan University in Israel was established to promote Jewish education in the Diaspora. It focuses on leadership programs, teacher and curriculum development, as well as interactive communication and networking for Jewish educators worldwide.

Jewish Learning

  • My Jewish Learning | http://www.myjewishlearning.com/

    MyJewishLearning.com is a trans-denominational website of Jewish information and education. Offering articles and resources on all aspects of Judaism and Jewish life, the site is geared toward adults of any age and background, from the casual reader looking for interesting insight, to non-Jews searching for a better understanding of the culture, to experienced learners wishing to delve deeper into specific topic areas.
  • Judaism 101, JewFAQ: Answering Jewish Frequently Asked Questions | http://www.jewfaq.org/

    Judaism 101 is an online encyclopedia of Judaism, covering Jewish beliefs, people, places, things, language, scripture, holidays, practices and customs. It is a wide variety of basic, general information about Judaism, written from a traditional perspective, predominantly from the Orthodox viewpoint, in plain English.
  • Shamash, The Jewish Network | http://www.shamash.org/

    Shamash serves the full spectrum of Jewish religious, educational, cultural, communal, and social service organizations interested in utilizing new electronic technologies to share information and deliver services to the Jewish community worldwide.
  • The Diaspora Museum | http://www.bh.org.il/

    Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, is also a global institution that tells the ongoing and extraordinary story of the Jewish people. Beit Hatfutsot connects Jewish people to their roots and strengthens their personal and collective Jewish identity. Beit Hatfutsot conveys to the world the fascinating narrative of the Jewish people and the essence of the Jewish culture, faith, purpose and deed while presenting the contribution of world Jewry to humanity.

Jewish Values

  • Jewish Values Online | http://www.jewishvaluesonline.org/

    Questions and answers with multi-Jewish perspectives on morals and ethics (Conservative, Orthodox and Reform).

Religious Movements: Chabad Lubavitch

  • Chabad Lubavitch | http://www.rrc.edu/

    Chabad-Lubavitch is a chassidic movement founded in the latter part of the 18th century. It emphasizes the importance of "Chabad," an acronym for Chochmoh, Binah, Da’at (wisdom, understanding and knowledge); the concept of studying and understanding G-d and His relationship with the world. Chabad Houses will generally host classes, lectures, and workshops on Jewish topics; religious services; Shabbat meals; and special events as needed in that community. Counseling services, the Friendship Circle for physically or mentally challenged children, and other volunteer services are common.

Religious Movements: Conservative

  • The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism | http://www.uscj.org/

    To live a Jewish life is to make hundreds of personal decisions, based on Jewish tradition, your family’s traditions and the traditions of your community, and your own interests, inclinations, and circumstances. The more you know, the more equipped you are to make choices that work for you as you increase your involvement in Jewish life and the depth of your connections to the Jewish community. This website offers information on how to make Conservative Jewish choices, along with glimpses of those choices in action.
  • The Jewish Theological Seminary (Conservative) | http://www.jtsa.edu/

    JTS articulates a vision of conservative Judaism that is learned and passionate, pluralist and authentic, traditional and egalitarian; one that is thoroughly grounded in Jewish texts, history, and practices, and fully engaged with the societies and cultures of the present.

Religious Movements: Orthodox

  • Orthodox Union | http://www.ou.org/

    The mission of the Orthodox Union is to engage, strengthen, and lead the Orthodox Jewish Community, and inspire the greater Jewish community. The OU is also responsible for the U Kosher supervision label kosher supervision label.
  • Yeshiva University | http://www.yu.edu/jll/

    Yeshiva University is a top ranked research university dedicated to melding the ancient traditions of Jewish law and life with the heritage of Western civilization. Its curriculum combines Jewish studies and liberal arts and sciences courses. Their website section on Jewish living and learning has resources for enriching and enhancing Jewish life and growth.
  • Aish HaTorah | http://www.aish.com/

    The goals of Aish HaTorah, an Orthodox organization and yeshiva, include revitalizing the Jewish people by providing opportunities for Jews of all backgrounds to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect. Their website includes a large number of resources including Torah readings, advice, Israel programs, and more.

Religious Movements: Reconstructionist

  • Jewish Reconstructionist Federation | http://jrf.org/

    The Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, a strong voice for progressive Judaism, helps build Jewish communities that are democratic,egalitarian, spiritually and intellectually vibrant, and committed to Jewish learning, ethics, and social justice. JRF contributes to the Jewish people by promoting innovation rooted in Jewish tradition and supporting meaningful Jewish life in community.
  • Reconstructionist Rabbinical College | http://www.rrc.edu/

    RRC is a progressive rabbinical school where people of all backgrounds engage intensively with Jewish texts, thought and practice. They are committed to roots in tradition, to egalitarianism and inclusion, and to helping Jewish communities flourish.

Religious Movements: Reform

  • Union for Reform Judaism | http://urj.org/

    The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) connects Reform Jewish communities in North America to create a network of congregants, lay leaders, clergy and professionals. Our progressive, inclusive approach unites Jewish tradition and values with modern Jewish experience.
  • Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) | http://huc.edu/

    HUC-JIR serves as the educational and intellectual center of Reform Judaism. It is a religious and scholarly learning community dedicated to developing Jewish professional and lay leaders to transmit and apply to contemporary life the sustaining values, responsibilities and texts of our tradition.

Synagogue and Complementary Education

  • Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education | http://www.pelie.org/

    Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative Education (PELIE) sees Jewish education as the product of the interaction of program assessment, developing and implementing a clear sense of mission and vision by lay and professional leadership, leadership development, teacher training, curriculum development, and parent involvement (family education). PELIE helps to provide support to many and diverse Jewish education programs around the U.S.
  • The WOW Project, JESNA | http://www.jesna.org/thewowproject/

    The WOW! Project is a collaborative community initiative to engage greater numbers of children and families in satisfying and impactful complementary Jewish educational experiences by enhancing what exists and expanding the range of program options to meet the needs of 21st century Jewish learners.

Teens and Informal Education

  • Institute for Informal Jewish Education at Brandeis University | http://www.brandeis.edu/ije/

    Taking part in meaningful Jewish experiences enables Jews to live a vibrant Jewish life. The Institute for Informal Jewish Education’s (IJE) mission is to support Jewish educators in creating meaningful Jewish experiences. The IJE supports Jewish educators through a range of professional development opportunities.
  • JVIBE, a magazine for Jewish teens and an online Jewish teen community | http://www.jvibe.com/

    JVibe is an online community for today's Jewish teens, including celebrity interviews, the latest in music, movies and sports, conversations with teens and info on what's hot in Israel, and more.

Pittsburgh Jewish History and Community

Donate to the Rauh Jewish Archives at the Senator John Heinz History Center
  • “The History of Jewish Philanthropy in Pittsburgh,” Rauh Jewish Archives at the Heinz History Center

    The Rauh Jewish Archive at the Heinz History Center has developed an online history of Jewish philanthropy and community in Pittsburgh. http://www.jewishhistoryhhc.org/
  • Pittsburgh Jewish Newpaper Project

    Composed of The Jewish Criterion (1895-1962), The American Jewish Outlook (1934-1962), and The Jewish Chronicle (1962-2010), and and the Y-JCC series (1927-1975), “The Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project” serves as both an online reference source and as a digitized historical documentation of the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and its outlying areas. http://ptfs.library.cmu.edu/pjn/index.jsp