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Improving Jewish Education

AJL works to improve Jewish education across our community’s synagogues, schools, agencies, and organizations for learners of all ages.

To Inform: Generating, analyzing, and disseminating knowledge about effective practices.

To Involve: Convening and creating networks for Jewish professionals, lay leaders, and institutions across the community.

To Inspire: Modeling innovative approaches and programs to inspire individuals and families.

In this section, by clicking through the pages on the left, you can learn more about the systemic programs designed to move our community forward.


Click this link to visit JESNA’s InnovationXchange, a program bank & resource center for innovative complementary education.AJL is working to bring effective innovation to our community. JESNA, the Jewish Education Service of North America is a national partner in this work. JESNA’s InnovationXchange is a program bank and resource center for innovative complementary education. In addition, AJL is now part of a national demonstration project on innovation funded by The Covenant Foundation. AJL is working to foster such innovation with agencies in five other communities including Cleveland, Houston, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

...Scholars increase peace throughout the world, as it is said: “All your children shall learn of God, and great shall be the peace of your children.” Do not call them Banayikh (your children), but Bonayikh (your builders).
- Talmud Berachot 64a